Natural Healing ~ Wholistic Living Classes

In this Natural Healing ~ Wholistic Living Course, we will be learning about every aspect of your life that will help you take control over your total Wellbeing!


Our Level I Classes are "Introductions to" many topics of Healing that include the mind, body & the spirit.

Our Level II Classes will include Herbal Remedies and the Chemistry of Healing through Natural Means.

We will study many different forms of Natural Healing Techniques which include Energy Work, Herbology, Aromatherapy, Water Therapies (Hydrotherapy), Homeopathy and more. We will also learn recipes for Natural Healing Products.

 In Level III, we will explore hands on Energy Work and other Natural Therapies. In this way, you will gain confidence and a greater ability to feel the more subtle energies that are "Awakened" through Energy Work, as well as increasing your intuition and ability to "Tune In".

Our classroom is a safe and nurturing environment to learn and grow in, in person or Online.


This Course is a Wholistic approach to Healing your Mind, Body & Spirit. 

Your life will be Transformed by the information that is shared in these classes.

After completing Level 1: You will receive the Certificate above (Digital Certificates for Online Students)

After completing Level 2: You will receive a Certificate of Completion (This Level will include a test)

After completing Level 3: (This includes Course Work & Hands on Training) You will receive a 

"Transformational Healer" Certification (***This Level will be tested) 

***Level 3 is for Ordained Light Workers ONLY (You will have an opportunity to become an Ordained Light Worker with Awaken The Healing Ministries upon the completion of Level 1 & 2)

**All Certifications are Commissioned by Awaken The Healing Ministries

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Our Local Natural Healing Classes

Awaken The Healing is hosting Natural Healing ~ Wholistic Living Classes in Independence, OH

Sep 30


Level 1 ~ Class #12 (6:30 to 8:30pm)

The Transformation Process - FINAL CLASS 

for Level 1

Northpoint Center, 6505 Rockside Rd., Suite 333, Independence, OH 44131.


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Natural Healing ~ Wholistic Living Class #12 / Sept. 30th

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